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About ZipPark™
What makes ZipPark different from other vendors in the parking industry is tough to convey through a web site or brochure. It is best described by our team’s unique combination of deep parking knowledge with desire to be innovation leaders in automated parking and revenue control.  We find that while many suppliers to the parking industry try to avoid any changes to their core offering, we at ZipPark have dedicated ourselves to becoming change experts. Here are a couple examples of how ZipPark’s goal of being a parking innovation is more than just words:
  • Our zControl software architecture was built with the knowledge that frequent upgrades and enhancements are inevitable, and that enhancements will be shared with all customers.
  • We aggregate common customer and channel requests, assuring customer feedback drives system improvements.
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Flexible Parking Interfaces
ZipPark interfaces seamlessly with these industry leaders and more.
• SKIDATA, Inc.™
• Designa™
• Bally's Casino Management System
Powerful Mobile Point-of-Sale
ZipPark combines mobile computers with portable printers for real-time wireless transactions. more